Sat, Jan 25

Happy Birthday Laura W
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Mary on Aug 28, 2019 (150 days ago)

Double Up

CrossFit: Reps
Partner WOD Saturday!!

Every 5min x 4 rounds:
400m run together
30/30 double unders
15/15 hand release pushups
10/10 KB sumo deadlift high pulls (70/53#)
Max reps chest to bar pull-ups

*partners will each complete reps listed, but must run together*
*score is total chest to bar pull-ups across all 4 rounds*

0% 0%
1st42 Ashley J Today!
Sarah Lof Today!
Lexi M Today!
2nd32 Monica H Today!
3rd52Jen Today!
1st87 Jacob D Today!
Chaz Today!
2nd80 Korby Today!
Erik L Today!
3rd52 Chad Ki Today!
Keys Today!

Chaz87 Rx 27 C2B
Jacob D87 Rx
Erik L80 Rx
Korby80 Rx
Keys52 Rx
Chad Ki52 Rx
Lexi M42 Rx
Sarah Lof42 Rx
Ashley J42 Rx
Chad A35 Rx solo
Robert S33 Rx solo
Caleb L32 Rx
Monica H32 Rx
Zane32 Rx
Tim Pa14 Rx
Ben B52  DUP
Jen52  scaled
Leslie37  DUP
Larry37  scaled
Sarah Se32  scaled
Drew31  DUP
Erinn31  DUP
Steve F28  DUP
Juli28  DUP
Lynne28  DUP
Beth L27  scaled
Ren27  scaled
Sarah Du20  scaled
Peter Lu15  DUP solo
Kuntal14  scaled
Kristin M13  scaled
Jamey13  scaled
Dina13  scaled
Kelly Ja13  scaled
Jack S12  scaled
Sophie S12  scaled
Kristen D:)  scaled
Nick Woly  scaled
Brittany Moly  scaled
Carmenoly  scaled
Sammieoly  scaled
Ali Doly  scaled
Annemarieoly  scaled
Milaoly  scaled
Kristioly  scaled
Will Noly  scaled
Abby Noly  scaled
Ellie Noly  scaled
Jennifer Roly  scaled

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