Thu, Aug 29 2019

Happy Birthday Carrie R
Gymversary Sarah K-2
Most Recent Benchmark:
Mary on Aug 28, 2019 (150 days ago)
CrossFit: CrossroadsKids (5-8): Kids 8.29.19


CrossFit: Rounds
Every 90sec x 6 rounds:
3 power snatch (building)


9min window:

400m run buy in...

10 power snatch (75/55#)
30 double unders

0% 0%
1st6+8 Diana R Thu, Aug 29, 2019
2nd5+31 Monica H Thu, Aug 29, 2019
3rd5+10 Lauren E Thu, Aug 29, 2019
1st7+14 Cody M Thu, Aug 29, 2019
2nd7+8 Matt W Thu, Aug 29, 2019
3rd7+3 Tyler L Thu, Aug 29, 2019

Cody M7+14 Rx
Matt W7+8 Rx 175 for 3
Tyler L7+3 Rx 165
Diana R6+8 Rx
Jeremiah B6+7 Rx
Chad A6+1 Rx 160 for 3
Monica H5+31 Rx 95
Alan N5+30 Rx
Keys5+27 Rx
Kevin G5+10 Rx 145
Lauren E5+10 Rx 95
Korby5+10 Rx 145
Ryan Mo5+10 Rx
Chandra5+8 Rx 85
Annemarie5+8 Rx
Jada5+5 Rx 95
Kelly Z5+1 Rx
Chaz5 Rx #155
Rion5 Rx 145
Tray4+30 Rx
Marion4+27 Rx 105
David D4+19 Rx
Trevor G4+19 Rx 165
Lindsey E4+13 Rx 95
Caleb L4+10 Rx 135
Zach H4+10 Rx
Janelle G4+8 Rx
Andrea M4+8 Rx
Chris Ho4+8 Rx 145
Matt M4+6 Rx 165
Trevor W4+6 Rx 165
Chad Ki4+6 Rx
Robert S4+5 Rx 115
Ben D4+4 Rx
Gwen4+2 Rx 60
Steve '4 Rx
Will N3+32 Rx
Tiffany Z3+31 Rx 80
Carrie R3+28 Rx
Matthew S3+25 Rx 175
Megan M3+8 Rx 85#
Philip3+5 Rx 115
Tim Pa3 Rx
Jamie D2+30 Rx
Clorinda2+9 Rx 85
Ali D2+5 Rx 65
Austin R2 Rx
Hannah S7+15  m
Robert Fe singles
Noah K 45
Anton5+20  ?
Maegan5+10  m
Daniel Mu4+30  s 95
Ana E4+10  s 95
Bergan4+10  s 165
Jaime B4+10  s 35
SCOTT E4+8  m
Brigitte4+7  s 50
Dani B4+7  s 15
Abby N4+6  s
Jordan P4+5  45
Jason R4+4  65 dub/sing
Keri4+4  85
Jimena s 40/50
Robert H 165
Mike T 65
Nick B s
Steve F3+60  s
Kristen D3+35  s
Laura W3+30  45
Elyse Me3+10  7 dub - 85
Chris L3+10  s
Kregg3+10  s 95 cleans
Nancy3+9  45
Noraliza3+4  m
Debra3+4  s 55
Vishala3+2  45
Dawn prac du
Bill2+25  90 for 3
Julia S2+10  70
Danielle2+6  55
Olive 50
Stentz:)  Not Rx
John R:)  Not Rx
Alexandra B:)  Not Rx
Sarah K:)  Not Rx
Max:)  Not Rx
Kalie:)  Not Rx
Joe D:)  Not Rx
Marlo:)  Not Rx
jesse:)  Not Rx
Brittany Mopen  Not Rx
Milakids  Not Rx
Jenkids  Not Rx
Julie Fcomp Rx
AUBREY SKids  Not Rx
AudrinnaKids  Not Rx
CrewKids  Not Rx
HobeyKids  Not Rx
IslaKids  Not Rx
AvianaKids  Not Rx
Jack NKids  Not Rx
StellaKids  Not Rx
Scarlett LKids  Not Rx
Paola 8:21am
Loopers!! Trail Running is tonight at 5:30pm, meet me at the MAC incline for some fun trail miles. We will be running the red and green loops.

Korby 12:16pm
HBD Carrie!!!!
Carrie R 9:01pm
Thanks Korby!! Thanks for all the love throughout today Loop fam.  One special place!!!

Annemarie 1:33pm
I love how all the coaches here are different and all can see something else to correct with my form.  We have the best coaches.  Perfecting the impossible snatch.....one day.  I love Loop!

CrossFit Loop
136 S South Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104 (view larger map)