Mon, Nov 25 2019

Happy Birthday Matt H & Steve Ma & Chuck
Gymversary Tray-4 & Wendy-2
Most Recent Benchmark:
Mary on Aug 28, 2019 (175 days ago)
CrossFit: Rowing NancyPreteens 11.25.19Teens (13-18): Teens 11-25

Rowing Nancy

CrossFit: Time
5 rounds for time:
500m row
15 Overhead Squats (95/65#)

Post WOD:
5x5 barbell bench press (AHAP)

0% 0%
1st15:37 Marion Mon, Nov 25, 2019
2nd15:40 Monica H Mon, Nov 25, 2019
3rd17:13 Lauren E Mon, Nov 25, 2019
1st14:46 Peter Lu Mon, Nov 25, 2019
2nd14:56 Trevor G Mon, Nov 25, 2019
3rd15:07 Chad A Mon, Nov 25, 2019

Peter Lu14:46 Rx
Trevor G14:56 Rx
Brynn14:59 Rx
Chad A15:07 Rx
Marion15:37 Rx
Monica H15:40 Rx
Jeremiah B15:58 Rx
Chaz16:45 Rx
Michael Z16:56 Rx
Korby16:59 Rx
Josiah17:05 Rx
Keys17:05 Rx
Tony A17:08 Rx
Lauren E17:13 Rx
Rion17:18 Rx
Erik L17:25 Rx
Tray17:29 Rx
Dan J17:29 Rx
Jake R17:35 Rx
Dakota17:55 Rx
Annemarie17:55 Rx
Collin S18:13 Rx
Jada18:21 Rx
Stacy18:27 Rx
Matt H18:29 Rx
SCOTT E18:35 Rx
Marie19:12 Rx
Trevor W19:28 Rx
Will N19:48 Rx
Renee19:54 Rx
Michael N20:05 Rx
Anne20:11 Rx
Ashley W21:05 Rx
Matt M21:25 Rx
Clorinda22:21 Rx
Paola23:02 Rx
Cameron23:18 Rx
Nick B23:33 Rx
Christine24:18 Rx
Eric T24:45 Rx
Elyse Me24:53 Rx
Jason W16:27  FS
Barbara B16:37  scaled
Maegan16:52  Mod
Alan W16:53  55
Jimena17:59  #40
Jen18:07  scaled
Carrie R18:22  45
Laura W18:51  35 FS
Robert S18:56  FS
Zach H19:05  scaled
Joe D19:10  65
Stevie19:15  35
Jess19:29  55
Drew19:31  scaled
Michelle Cr20:07  FS
Dawn20:10  45 FS
Jason D20:18  75
Dina20:22  55
Tanner20:25  65
Gail20:45  scaled
Tiffany Z20:46  55
Stephanie M20:56  scaled
Mariah21:15  35
Carl K21:16  25
Debra21:24  55
Ana E21:25  45
Bergan21:41  75
Beth L21:42  scaled
Maria V22:04  scaled
melanie g22:10  scaled
Daniel Mu22:25  65
Brandon M22:29  scaled
Melanie H22:30  scaled
Kaylee H22:30  scaled
Austin R23:13  scaled
Erin Du23:49  scaled
Dale24:15  65
Michelle K24:15  scaled
Jack N25:00  65
Kelly Ja25:16  15
Bill27:36  scaled
Benjamin Y:)  scaled
Rose:)  scaled
shannon s:)  scaled
Kim F:)  scaled
Brent K:)  scaled
Alexandra B:)  scaled
Tiffany D:)  scaled
Kelly Z:)  scaled
Jackie S:)  scaled
Jacqueline M:)  scaled
Max:)  scaled
Denise:)  scaled
Julia S:)  scaled
Jaime B:)  scaled
Josh L:)  scaled
Danielle:)  scaled
Kristen Wpreteens  scaled
Cachepreteens  scaled
Holdenpreteens  scaled
Kristin M 5:18pm
I am planning on coming to 630 Kelly! Will be late. Have to take my daughter to cheer.

JT K 6:22pm
You late.......... come on.............

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