Tue, Dec 3 2019

Happy Birthday Juli & Annemarie & shannon s
Gymversary Matt G-4 & Buck-4
Most Recent Benchmark:
Mary on Aug 28, 2019 (150 days ago)
CrossFit: Gold StepsKids 12.3.19

Gold Steps

CrossFit: Reps
With a 15min running clock...

0-5min AMRAP:
7 toes to bar
7 deadlifts (225/155#)

5-10min AMRAP:
DB walking lunges (50's/35's)

10-15min AMRAP:
Calorie row

*score is total reps over all 15min*

0% 0%
1st226 Annemarie Tue, Dec 3, 2019
2nd191 Christine Tue, Dec 3, 2019
3rd189 Stacy Tue, Dec 3, 2019
1st234 Carl S Tue, Dec 3, 2019
2nd232 Jeremiah B Tue, Dec 3, 2019
3rd222 Chaz Tue, Dec 3, 2019

Carl S234 Rx
Jeremiah B232 Rx
Annemarie226 Rx
Chaz222 Rx
Jacob D217 Rx
Keys214 Rx
Tim D213 Rx
Timothy E208 Rx
Michael Z208 Rx
Jason W205 Rx
Chad A205 Rx
Kevin G197 Rx
Christine191 Rx
Stacy189 Rx
Marion186 Rx
Lauren E184 Rx
Tanner184 Rx
Caleb L184 Rx
Karen B181 Rx
Trevor G181 Rx
Trevor W179 Rx
Korby178 Rx
Eric O178 Rx
Carson B177 Rx
Kregg173 Rx
Diana R172 Rx
Tray172 Rx
Drew172 Rx
Mike T169 Rx
Renee166 Rx
Kelly Z160 Rx
Jamey159 Rx
Julia S144 Rx
Austin R140 Rx
Don Te129 Rx
Maegan297  scaled
Jimena227  85
Janelle G213  20/125
Brittney T211  scaled
Rick Z207  scaled
Gwen206  115/20
Jordan P206  scaled
Tiffany Z200  135/25
Mike McK200  185#
Sarah Lof200  scaled
Sammie193  scaled
Carrie C191  scaled
Maria V190  95/20
Ana E188  scaled
Amy G188  scaled
Brandy188  105/25
Tiffany D187  65/15
Mark F183  scaled
Cameron183  scaled
Amanda H182  65/10
Robert Fu181  #185
Zach H181  scaled
Michelle Cr180  scaled
Lindsay L180 
Noah K179  scaled
Barbara B174  105/25
Julie F173  k2c
Nancy171  105/20
Clorinda171  scaled
Elyse Me170  scaled
Noelle169  scaled
Stevie167  105
Paul H167  k2c
Dani B163  scaled
Laura W161  scaled
Jake R158  scaled
shannon s158  scaled
Derek C156  scaled
Eric T156  k2c
Bergan155  scaled
Alan W154  165
Jaime B152  k2c
Sarah De150  125
Stentz149  scaled
Chris R146  185
Kristin M146  135# 25's
Dawn143  scaled
Erin Du142  100/15
Jess141  135
Ashley W140  k2e
Robert H134  scaled
Jackie S:)  scaled
John R:)  scaled
Rose:)  scaled
Kelly Ja:)  scaled
Marlo:)  scaled
Chad Ki:)  scaled
Max:)  scaled
Denise:)  scaled
Andrea MOly  scaled
Nick WOly  scaled
CarmenOly  scaled
Jennifer ROly  scaled
Megan DOly  scaled
Milakids  scaled
Evankids  scaled
Kara Zkids  scaled
Lexi Zkids  scaled
Abigaylekids  scaled
Hobeykids  scaled
Avianakids  scaled
Scarlett Lkids  scaled
Jack Nkids  scaled
Gemmakids  scaled
Crewkids  scaled
Islakids  scaled
Boekids  scaled
Rileighkids  scaled
Zoeykids  scaled
Justin Onot rx 
Aprilnot rx 
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