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Joseph Grezlak

CrossFit,HERO WOD: Time
'Joseph Grezlak'

For time:

100 Am Kb swings (70/53)

*At the beginning of each minute, including 0:00, athletes must stop and complete 2 burpees*

*Post WOD: Sandbag Fun!!*

Dedicated to Firefighter Joseph Grzelak who was killed in the attacks on New York on September 11, 2001.

Around the firehouse, they called him Joe Knows. The chief of Battalion 48 in Brooklyn, Joseph Grzelak had been fighting fires for 28 years and memorizing trivia for even longer. During slow shifts he could be found at his computer, researching everything from home repair to bowling strategies. He was a history buff who read two newspapers a day, breezed through crossword puzzles and answered all manner of arcane questions for friends and colleagues (hence the nickname).

When he raced to the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, Chief Grzelak took a binder full of research he had compiled over the years about fighting high-rise fires. It was found, Mrs. Grzelak said, in his crushed car.

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Trevor G5:40 Rx
Korby5:43 Rx
Steve F5:46 Rx
Monica H5:47 Rx
Christina5:49 Rx
Chad Ki6:15 Rx
Peter Lu6:30 Rx
Jacob D6:40 Rx
Mike McK6:52 Rx
Kelly Z6:56 Rx
Lauren E6:57 Rx
Ryan Mo7:14 Rx
Chad A7:31 Rx
Paul H7:39 Rx
Zane8:00 Rx
Brandon M8:59 Rx
Chandra9:20 Rx
Robert Fu5:28  53
Ren5:34  53
Jimena5:42  #35
Kate J5:54  35
April5:56  26
Brittany M6:24  44
Michelle Cr6:25  35
Erin Du6:27  35
Sarah Se6:43  35#
Tanner6:54  scaled
Mike We6:59  53
Patrick H7:19  53
Tray7:23  53 russian
Kennedy B7:25  35
Don Te7:37  44
Noelle7:42  26
Ali D7:45  35
Stephanie S7:48  44
Juli7:58  35
Jaime B8:17  44
Julia S8:30  44
Rick Z8:32  53#
Sarah Hu8:40  44
Kelly Ja9:38  26
Kristin M10:28  44
Justin O:)  Alt
Roslyn:)  Squats
Jackie S:)  scaled
Kristel:)  scaled
Alan N:)  scaled
Jennifer R:)  scaled
Sarah Lof:)  scaled
Kristi B:)  scaled
Jack T:)  scaled
Diana Rskillz  scaled
Ashley Jskillz  scaled
Lee Eskillz  scaled
Lesa:)  scaled
Matt W:)  scaled
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