Tue, Jan 14

Gymversary Megan H-1
Most Recent Benchmark:
Mary on Aug 28, 2019 (175 days ago)
CrossFit: Jan-14-2020Kids 1 14 20


CrossFit: Time
Warm Up:
:50 Box Step Ups, :10 Transition
:50 Single Unders, :10 Transition
1:50 HS Hold Practice, :10 Transition
:50 Double Unders, :10 Transition
:50 Box Jump, step down

HSPU Skill:
5x1 HSPU Negative, kick down after each
5x1 HSPU Negative + butt to the wall, knees out
1x 3-5 Kipping HSPU
5x1 Deficit HSPU Negative + butt to the wall, knees out
1x 3-5 Deficit HSPU

Every :90 for 9:00
1 Set of Deficit Handstand Push Ups 4/2'


For Time
150 Air Squats
200 Double Unders
100 Lunges
50 Box Jumps (24/20')
20 Sand Bag Cleans (50-150#)

0% 0%
1st13:00 Diana R Tue, Jan 14, 2020
2nd14:27 Janelle G Tue, Jan 14, 2020
3rd16:01 Annemarie Tue, Jan 14, 2020
1st14:05 Cody M Tue, Jan 14, 2020
2nd14:46 Matt W Tue, Jan 14, 2020
3rd15:51 Lee E Tue, Jan 14, 2020

Diana R13:00 Rx 70
Cody M14:05 Rx 150#
Janelle G14:27 Rx 70
Matt W14:46 Rx 150
Lee E15:51 Rx 150#
Jacob D16:00 Rx 150
Annemarie16:01 Rx 80
Tray16:06 Rx 70
Keys16:20 Rx 100#
Lauren E16:30 Rx 70/80
Renee17:01 Rx 70/80
Korby17:37 Rx
Rion18:42 Rx 100#
Zane18:44 Rx 100#
Alan N18:48 Rx 100#
Robert Fu19:00 Rx 100
Andrew Br19:14 Rx
Kevin G19:27 Rx 150
Stephanie M19:36 Rx 40#
Chad Ki19:38 Rx
Chaz19:58 Rx #150
Chelsea B20:05 Rx
Paola20:08 Rx 70#
Easton20:09 Rx Cap +9 #100
Trevor W20:10 Rx cap+10 / 100#
Jason W20:16 Rx
Caleb L21:16 Rx
Jackie S21:35 Rx 70/80
Roslyn22:50 Rx
Timothy E23:11 Rx #150
Michael Z23:50 Rx #150
Kelly Z23:54 Rx
Daniel Mu24:20 Rx
Matt M24:28 Rx
Nancy24:36 Rx 70#
Chad A24:40 Rx 150#
Mike T10:42  scaled
Maegan12:56  40#
Jen14:56  30#
Luke F15:10  40#
Jimena16:11  40#
Stacy16:46  singles, 70/80
Ashley W17:08  singles, step ups
Debra17:56  40#
Tony A18:27  singles, 150
Jack S18:47  scaled
Ellie N18:47  scaled
Jaime B18:58  scaled
Robert S18:59  70
Will N19:00  scaled
Nick C19:14  singles, 70
Dominic19:14  Singles 70
Iliana19:29  scaled
Tiffany Z19:30  singles
Christine19:46  DU prac 70#
Sarah Lof19:48  100 Double Unders
Stevie19:50  singles, 40
Trevor G19:50  mod
Brittney T19:53  70/40#
Drew19:55  500 Singles
Paul Z20:00  100 du, 200 singles
Kregg20:00  scaled
Marlo20:00  scaled
Sophie S20:00  scaled
Mark F20:05  scaled
Austin R20:10  scaled
Laura W20:16  singles, 40
Sarah Se20:20  cap +20 DU prac
Holden20:27  scaled
Julie F20:30  scaled
Mike We20:30  100# finished
Gretchen20:38  singles, 40
Dawn20:54  singles, 16', 40
Bill21:07  scaled
Victoria C22:15  singles
Alan W22:53  100#
Robert H23:53  scaled
Dale24:30  scaled
Olive24:43  scaled
Emily N24:52  scaled
Bergan25:06  singles, 100
Lesa25:10  40#
Amy G26:10  scaled
Ana E:)  scaled
April:)  scaled
Rose:)  scaled
Erinn:)  scaled
Will W:)  scaled
Lexi F:)  scaled
IslaKids  scaled
CrewKids  scaled
BoeKids  scaled
EvanKids  scaled
GemmaKids  scaled
HobeyKids  scaled
Scarlett LKids  scaled
AUBREY SKids  scaled
AudrinnaKids  scaled
Kara ZKids  scaled
Lexi ZKids  scaled
Jack NKids  scaled
Megan D:) Rx
Dan J:)  scaled
SCOTT E:)  scaled
Leslie:)  scaled
Julia S:)  scaled
Jeremiah B:)  scaled
Sammie:)  scaled
Noraliza:)  scaled
Erik L:)  scaled
Nick Woly  scaled
Peter Luoly  scaled
Andrea Moly  scaled
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